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Allen Green
Married 2
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Gary Westberry
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Educator Married 1
Hello Family,

I am wishing you all the best in health and spirits.  I am hopeful that you will all make the family reunion this year.  Try not to let anything keep us from coming together.  It has been a while since we gather, therefore I am looking forward to once again come together.

I love you all.
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Rose Smalls
Retired Divorced 2
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Rose Smalls
Divorced 2
Looking forward to the beginning of the family coming together again as a real family since the passing of our elders Herbert and Mary Lee Westberry. We are family and family should stick together no matter what. Learn to love ❤️ and forgive so you can have a blessed and beautiful family relationship. #WestberryPride Send Rose a MessageSend Rose a Message
Sharon Stevens
Assistant Manager @ Food Lion Married 3
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Tukessa Goodwin
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