T Shirt Update 10/28
Curtis & Sharon suggested we have a picture of grandparents with the caption Westberry 2018 Family Reunion
RSVP due by 11/23
Updates from 10/15 Meeting 6pm Teleconference
Attendance: Dwight, Crystal, James, Tukessa
Unable to attend but sent updates Nette & Rose

Hotel Info Updates from Nette
Rate $ 80 for suite  and $ 70 for standard room
Can not book these rooms till 6 months out
Captains will need to make executive decision regarding these rooms

There will be a cut off date for RSVP
Date to be determined by committee

Not all captains have RSVP
Base do not have meeting space so we will need to find meeting space elsewhere
Mount Trashmore Park always crowded and lots going on
Parks have picnic sites but no play ground

Updates from 10/8/2017 Meeting

Tee Shirt color will be yellow with white writing
Rose will be updating the directory information for the Westberry contact list

Toni Smalls joined the Captains and will assist with text and email messaging. Captains have been indentified. Responsibilities have been assigned

Hotel Site: Pending
Family Activity Site: Pending

AGENDA: Westberry Family Reunion June 29 – July 2, 2018
                Next Meeting: 10.8.17
                Location:  Panera Bread

  1. Captains
  2. Survey Completion
  3. Funds Collection/Banking
  4. Assignments
    1. Tee-shirts:  Dwight & Rose
    2. Accommodations: Wanda, Ellen & Allen
    3. Bus/Cargo Vans:  Lewis & Shannon??
    4. Tee-shirt Contest Judges:  Dwight, Third, Shannon & Lewis

March 30, 2018
Two Colors
Facebook & Website for Information
  1. Activities: Wanda & Tukessa//Lisa & Family
           Talent Show
  1. Meeting Dates (Monthly once running smoothly with captains)
  2. Facebook Control: Cristin (Announcements, etc)
  3. Reminder Text Messages
  4. Family Reunion Song Added to Website & Facebook
NOTE: Monthly Family Activities
            Game Night ( Rose to check on Clubhouse Usage)

Hi Family,
Crystal, Dwight and I met today and made necessary calls to other family members to come up with the attached agenda. I have also attached some VA Beach information and two samples of a family tree to chose from. Crystal, please send me Dwight's email address (unless you are going to use the same). If I've left anyone out - please forward as necessary.
Tukessa changed the website so it is easier to access, please let your family members know to go online and complete the survey.
Two other suggestions were to add the song "Family Reunion" to the website and Facebook page; and the Facebook and Website needs to be updated to advise the 'tee-shirt contest' - age limit 30 and under; deadline March 30, 2018
We will finalize the assignments at the next meeting (10.8.17 @ 4p).
I will send this email in two parts - those whose emails I have now and then to those I am waiting on.
Have a blessed evening and know I love you and I mean it.